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Aims of the group and this website:

The aims of the group are to raise the profile and increase the recording of moths in Northamptonshire & The Soke of Peterborough (Vice County 32) - macros and micros. To this end, the active field group can be contacted by anyone wishing to help, submit records or with identification queries or other issues concerning moths. As the site thrives on records we welcome them in any form whatsoever.


Full Species List - Moths of VC32 (ABH order)


Macro Moths of VC32 (alphabetical order)


Full Species List - PDF format - to Dec 2023 (download)


VC32 Moth Recording Excel Sheet - 2024 (download)


Guidelines for the submission of records


An Introduction to The Moths of VC32


County Moth Recorder - Mark Hammond


Quick links to useful pages:

Essential Guide to Micro Moth Identification

Mapped 10Km grid square species coverage

All text and maps on this site are being gradually updated to reflect all data up to December 2023

Other Information & Links:

National Moth Night

The Concolorous Moth
Action Plan
Objectives and Actions

Eustace Wallis

Pitsford Reservoir

Historical view of
Weekley Hall Wood

Moth Links


The Larger Moths of Northamptonshire & The Soke of Peterborough (click image to enlarge):



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