Notice Board 2016

The notice board is one of the principal modes of communication for those interested in VC32 moths. I am keen to keep this resource active throughout the year and will be happy to post interesting sightings or issues. In general, at the time of recording I would like to hear of moths that are UK BAP species, new to the county, localised or rare. Additionally any exceptional or interesting captures, i.e. very high numbers, species seen out of season and unusual extremes of variation or melanism etc. will be welcome.

All other records can be submitted at the end of the season for inclusion in the central database.

Site Images: We are keen to complete the species illustrations on the site, additionally some of the earlier photographs now look below par and could be improved. If anyone has photographs of the species that we have not yet pictured, or clear improvements, and does not mind us using them to fill some of our gaps will they please let the County Moth Recorder Mark Hammond know. Any photographs used will of course be acknowledged.

The up to date grid square coverage map is now available by clicking onto:
Request for Information/Records from the County Recorder

IDENTIFICATION AND NOTICE BOARD ENTRIES: Any member of the group is able to handle identification queries on moths at any of their stages and if in doubt will refer the matter on for a second opinion. At the outset the insect should be retained and a realistic photograph provided to confirm the identity. Due to the limitations sometimes imposed by photographic images of moths it is not always possible to identify difficult species from a photograph alone. Basically there is always a preference for a moth in the hand. Accordingly if there are still doubts the actual insect should then be seen by either Philip Horsnail, Mark Hammond, Pete Sharpe or John Ward who will act as determinators.

2016 Records and Notices:

18th December 2016
The Garden Moth Scheme Q4 newsletter and annual summary are out now, the latter providing a wrap-up of the East Midlands GMS data for the year. It will be interesting in due course to compare the results here to the 2016 VC32 data. With that in mind, I would be very happy to receive any 2016 moth records for the county. I will hopefully have some time during the festive break to review and input these data. Please see the page covering record submission for further guidance, or contact me if you have any queries.

31st October 2016
A single male Diurnea lipsiella to Heath 6W light trap in Grafton Park Wood (SP98). Not a rare moth, but one that is only encountered late in the season and thus probably under-recorded. This record is only the second post-2000 record in the county database.

20th October 2016
Two notable leaf-mine records seen by David Manning in the gardens at Castle Ashby (SP85). Stigmella aceris on an “exotic” – Acer cappadocicum, and Ectoedemia heringella on Holm-oak. These represent only 2nd and 3rd VC32 records respectively.

8th October 2016
New VC32 record: Sywell Country Park (SP86) has yielded yet another excellent record - this time a single Acleris abietana, taken by Darren Seaman to light. This species is Nationally Notable and associated with Norway Spruce, with the majority of records being from Scotland.

30th September 2016
With regards to Dark Ash Bud Moth Prays ruficeps, two further records have now been confirmed: from Northampton on 6.ix.2016 (Martin Coles, SP75) and Thrapston on 12.ix.2016 (Mark Hammond, SP97) - confirmed by DNA analysis

30th September 2016
The latest update from the Garden Moth Scheme newsletter is out now. This does reflect the general paucity of moths in 2016 that has been reported UK-wide.

27th September 2016
The latest Butterfly Conservation "E-Moth" newsletter is out now.

24th September 2016
New VC32 record: A single Box Moth Cydalima perspectalis was taken in a garden MV trap by Pete Sharpe, Kingsthorpe (SP76). Oddly enough Pete and I were only talking on the morning of 24th Sept about when we might see this species in Northants!

15th September 2016
A single Twin-spot Plume Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla has been recorded by John Showers, in the sand-pit adjacent to Cold Oak Copse (SP85) of Yardley Chase. This represents the second post 2000 record in the county, the previous being taken at light in Collyweston Quarry in 2001.

14th September 2016
Amongst a 46-species haul at Bucknell Wood (SP64) was a single example of Pandemis cinnamomeana taken by Mark Hammond, Richard Baylis and Peter Terry. Amazingly this seems to be the first VC32 record for this species, which is recorded in almost all other English Vice Counties. Looking at the Field Guide to the Micro Moths of GB & Ireland (Sterling, Parsons, Lewington), you can see the exact shape of the Vice County as a glaring "white hole" in the map for this species!

13th September 2016
Martin Coles has recorded a single Ectoedemia sericopeza in his Far Cotton garden (SP75), determined by genitalia dissection. This is the first VC32 record. Neighbouring Bedforshire has a number of records for this species, which is not distinguishable in adult form from E. louisella.

7th September 2016
2nd VC32 record of Cypress Pug Eupithecia phoeniceata taken by Andy Harding in his garden light trap at Old Stratford (SP74).

2nd September 2016
Pete Sharpe took an Ephestia specimen in his Kingsthorpe garden (SP76). This was identified from a genitalia prep by David Manning as Mediterranean Flour Moth Ephestia kuehniella. This is only the 4th VC32 record, with the last record in 1960 by Peter Gent at the Wellingborough Victoria Mills.

1st September 2016
One White-spotted Pinion C. diffinis taken in garden actinic light trap by Nick Smith at Nassington (TL09).

12th August 2016
Martin Coles has taken a single Gypsona minutana in his Northampton garden (SP75). This is only the 6th county record for this species, but with only one previous modern/post 200 record, that being in 2007.

5th August 2016
Phil Horsnail reports a single Leek Moth Acrolepiopsis assectella in his Oundle garden light trap (TL08). This species has only recently been added to the county list and is still rarely seen.

5th August 2016
New VC32 record: Peter Terry has recorded a single Dark Ash Bud Moth Prays ruficeps in his Denton garden light trap (SP85). Record confirmed by examination of hindwing veination. I have been hoping to see this species in the vice county, having looked long and hard at every dark form of Prays fraxinella! Peter also reports another possible specimen from his trap on 9th August, handily placed below some mature Ash trees.

Retrospective record: 20th June 2016
Martin Coles' run of excellent fortune continues with this very dark form of Beautiful Hook-tip Laspeyria flexula at light in his Far Cotton garden (Northampton, SP75). Not a form I have ever seen.

Retrospective record: 16th July 2016
2nd county record of the Nationally Scarce Elachista Utonella taken by James Skinner at Rushden Lakes (SP96) - confirmed by Gen Det by David Manning. The only other VC32 was that of a singleton taken in the Rothamsted trap at Fineshade, 23.vii.1994.

30th July 2016
Peter Terry has recorded a single Apple Pith Moth Blastodacna atra in his Denton garden (SP85). This is the 5th county record for this species.

29th July 2016
Two Monochroa lucidella have been taken in a garden light trap in Northampton (SP75) by Martin Coles. There are only 6 previous VC32 records for this species, which is associated with wetlands and other damp locations.

27th July 2016
A singleton of Infurcitinea argentimaculella has been recorded in Martin Coles' garden light trap in Northampton (SP75). The only previous VC32 record for thus species was netted during the day by David Manning in Denton Wood (SP85) on 20.viii.2000.

22nd July 2016
Martin Coles has taken a single Isophrictis striatella in his Northampton garden (SP75). This is only the 2nd county record for this species, the previous record being in 1998.

22nd July 2016
Darren Seaman reports another Vitula biviella at Sywell Country Park (SP86) - this is the 3rd VC32 record and 2nd year that this Pine-feeder has been recorded at this location. Darren reports that another specimen, likely the same species, escaped before it could be potted for confirmation!

22nd July 2016
Amazingly - another Kent Black Arches Meganola albula has been recorded, this time in a garden light trap in Kingsthorpe, Northampton (SP76) by Pete Sharpe. This 4th VC record is well away from previous records. In the same trap, Pete also recorded one Endothenia ericetana, which is only the 5th VC32 record!

21st July 2016
A single Kent Black Arches Meganola albula was taken at light at Polebrook (TL08) by James Skinner. This is only the 3rd VC32 record, but close by to the two previous records in 2008 and 2014 - both at Woodnewton (TL09).

20th July 2016
Ectoedemia heringella reported by Martin Coles from his Northampton garden (SP75). This is the 3rd VC32 record.

19th July 2016
Nick Smith has recorded a single of Dotted Fan-foot Macrochilo cribrumalis in his Nassington garden (TL09). This is the second consecutive year that this species has been recorded in his garden - although in 2015 was at former house in Woodnewton.

18th July 2016
Andy Harding has recorded a single Yarrow Pug Eupithecia millefoliata in his garden trap in Old Stratford (SP74). This is the ninth VC32 record, but is the most southerly record. Andy has also recorded Marbled Green Nyctobrya muralis over the past few days too - a species with very few modern records in the county

18th July 2016
A single Dark Spectacle Abrostola triplasia recorded by Phil Horsnail in his Oundle garden (TL08), constituting the 6th modern record in VC32.

14th July 2016
A relatively rare moth locally, a single Aethes tesserana was recorded near Easton Maudit (SP85) by Pete Sharpe.

10th July 2016
An incredible four Scarlet Tiger Callimorpha dominula have been reported by Judith Barnard (per Dave James) during a walk in Harlestone Woods (SP76).

8th July 2016
A single specimen of Scarlet Tiger Callimorpha dominula has been reported by Clive Trundle in his Silverstone garden (SP64). This species was also recorded here in 2015.

7th July 2016
Retrospective records: Cydia illutana has been recorded at Pitsford Reservoir (SP77) on two separate occasions - 8th & 15th June (confirmed by genitalia dissection, per James Skinner). These constitute the 2nd and 3rd VC32 records for this species.

6th July 2016
New County Record: James Skinner has taken a single Cydia cosmophorana at Wootton Landfill Site, Northampton (SP75). Confirmed by genitalia dissection.

21st June 2016
Approximately 8 Dichrorampha petiverella seen flying around Yarrow in the early evening, in Mark Hammond's Thrapston Garden (SP97).

21st June 2016
Two Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis attracted to pheromone lures along the Nene at Thrapston (SP97)

20th June 2016
Steve Wollard recorded a single Alder Kitten Furcula bicuspis in his Islip garden trap (SP97). This is only the second confirmed VC32 record (older pupal exuviae records having been discounted due to possible confusion with congeners).

20th June 2016
Mark Hammond recorded a single Currant Clearwing Synanthedon tipuliformis in his Thrapston garden (SP97) to pheromone lure, despite sub-optimal weather conditions.

19th June 2016
Two Red-tipped Clearwing Synanthedon formicaeformis recorded by the Douglas Goddard and David James during the local Butterfly Conservation group trip to record Black Hairstreak butterflies at Glapthorn Cow Pastures (TL09).

11th June 2016
The Moth Group outing to Fermyn Woods (SP98) was attended by approximately a dozen members of the local Butterfly Conservation Group and other local moth recorders. Undeterred by the showers at and just after dusk, the species list gradually crept up with the group seeing woodland species of moths that they had not previously encountered. A full species list will be posted on-line shortly but the draft list has topped 80 so far. Many species were only seen in low numbers, but others such as Coleophora alticolella, Choristoneura hebenstreitella and Cyclamen Tortrix Clepsis spectrana were seen in considerable numbers. Pleasingly, The Concolorous Photedes extrema was also noted, albeit in low numbers (two individuals). My thanks as ever to James, Richard and Peter for joining me with moth traps - and putting on a jolly good show, enjoyed by all.

NB: Full species list now available here.

7th June 2016
A single Toadflax Brocade Calophasia lunula was recorded by Nick Smith on Toadflax plants in his Nassington garden (TL09). This is the first record outside of the Peterborough area, and shows further expansion in range.

26th May 2016
A larva of
Diplodoma laichartingella (left-hand photo) was recorded by Jeff Blincow on Oak in Yardkey Chase (SP85). This is the fourth VC32 record. Jeff also noted good numbers of Luffia ferchaultella (right-hand photo)on a couple of the old Oaks.

25th May 2016
The latest edition of the Garden Moth Scheme newsletter can be viewed here.

9th May 2016
The latest edition of E-Moth, the Butterfly Conservation Moths Count newsletter can be viewed here.

3rd May 2016
Following on from the outing to Barnack, Mark Hammond visited Ring Haw with a view to record some leaf mines on the Birches. Several Eriocrania species were noted, but in the process a single Incurvaria pectinea was netted. This is the fifth VC32 record and the first time I have seen the moth in the county.

3rd May 2016
A trip to Barnack Hills & Holes (TF00) proved quite succesful, following up a 2009 record of Mompha miscella, a total of 14 mines were found by Mark Hammond on Rock Rose, but only 4 of which were tenanted. This species has only been recorded once in VC32 since 2000.

19th April 2016
A single male Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia attracted to the artificial lure EMP set-up in Mark Hammond's Thrapston garden (SP97). The moth arrived at 4pm, which I find to be the best time of the day to see the males of this species.

13th April 2016
Some more garden light trap records of
Blossom Underwing Orthosia miniosa - John Ward, Kettering (SP88) and Hugh Mathews, Northampton (SP86).

5th April 2015
One Small Eggar Eriogaster lanestris taken by Phil Horsnail in his garden light trap in Oundle (TL08). Second Oundle garden record for this local species.

2nd April 2016 (approx)
Colin Graham also recorded a single
Blossom Underwing Orthosia miniosa in his garden trap at Brigstock (SP98).

2nd April 2016
Richard Baylis recorded a single
Blossom Underwing Orthosia miniosa in his garden trap at East Haddon (SP66). Excellent garden record, and a species not previously recorded from that 10Km grid square.

26th March 2016
A single
Orange Underwing Archiearis parthenias seen flying around Silver Birch in Twywell Gullet (SP97) by Mark Hammond, in less than perfect weather (sunny, mild, but quite breezy). Also seen in amongst the coniferous plantation site, numerous Larch Case Bearer Coleophora laricella larval cases, apparently still in hibernation as the leaves are just budding and not showing any feeding damage yet.

25th March 2016
Orange Underwing Archiearis parthenias seen flying around Silver Birch in Wakerley Woods (SP99) by Mark Hammond.

18th March 2016
Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northants Wildlife Trusts are launching their survey on 4th April - "Tigers in your Garden". This is an appeal for records of various species of tiger moth. Follow this link for more information:
BCNWT Tiger Moth Survey

18th March 2016
A huge thank-you to everyone who has contributed records to the local database. A quick summary of the VC32 dataset to date:-
27,840 records so far for 2015 (I know there are a few more pending).
887 species recorded in 2015.
419 new 10Km grid square records in 2015 - the "prize" for most goes to Chris Colles with 74 of these, runner-up Andy Harding with a none-too-shabby 56!
366,683 records for VC32 in total.
1,565 species recorded since first records in 1841 (courtesy of Henry Doubleday).
Of that species total, 136 have been added to VC32 (17 macros, remainder micros) since January 2000, but 254 species have not been recorded since the end of 1999.

23rd February 2016
Phil Horsnail has discovered mines of Ectoedemia heringella on Holm Oak in Oundle (TL08). The species was only first recorded in VC32 last year, so this is another excellent find.

11th February 2016
New VC32 record: Dahlica triquetrella (ABH 11.003, B&F0176) - three larval cases discovered in a pedestrian underpass in Northampton (SP75) by Martin Coles on 26.xii.2015. First one emerged on 11.ii.2016. Confirmed from the larval case, the head-case of the exuvia and other features of the adult moth.

January 2016
David Manning has now formally retired as the County Recorder for micro moths. That said, he is still taking any 2015 moth records you may have so do please send them his way (or to me and I'll send them on). As from 1st Jan 2016 I (Mark Hammond) have taken on the micro moths in addition to the macros. As with John last year, David will be a supremely difficult act to follow! David has been the County Recorder since the 1980's - so an approximately 25 year stint in post. David has added numerous species to the county list, from his activities with moth traps and by searching for leaf mines and larval cases. Many of the VC32 dots in the Moths & Butterflies of GB & Ireland are down to his efforts. So I would like to formally thank him for his tireless work over the past couple of decades. He hands over a micro database which is a wonderful resource and something for us all to build upon.